Professional Website Development Services

Professional Website Development Services

Have you ever thought about what makes a successful website? It’s more than just a pretty design and interesting content. Successful sites also need well-built web development and smart digital marketing. So, what makes professional website development better than others?

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Professional Website Development Services

At ScienceSoft, we get that creating a website is complicated. It needs to look awesome, work well for users, and achieve goals. With our skills in web development, design, and marketing, we offer solutions that fit your business perfectly.

Web Portal Development

ScienceSoft is a top player in web portal development. They offer premium solutions for users like customers, business partners, and shoppers.

Their best service? Data aggregation. They collect info from different business systems. This helps keep all info fresh and useful. It’s a big help for firms wanting to get their info act straight.

They also have an easy page editor. This tool lets businesses quickly add or change their site’s content. Adding new products or news is a breeze. This keeps the site interesting and up-to-date.

So, with ScienceSoft, businesses get a full package. They handle info well and make updating the site easy. This keeps users happy and the site always appealing.

Website Development

ScienceSoft stands out as a top choice in website creation, making over 250 websites for businesses and other groups. They are known for making corporate sites look good and work well.

They know a strong online image is vital for any company. So, they focus on building sites that show a business’s goods, services, and image in the best light. ScienceSoft’s sites not only look great but also help meet their clients’ goals.

Part of what makes working with ScienceSoft great is their simple page editor. This tool makes changing website content a breeze, even for those who don’t know how to code. Businesses can update their sites easily, keeping info current and customers engaged.

Benefits of ScienceSoft’s Website Development Services

Choosing ScienceSoft’s website development brings big bonuses for companies:

  • Designs tailor-made to reflect a company’s values and style
  • Layouts that fit and look good on any device
  • A way to smoothly sell things online through your site
  • Getting seen more on search engines thanks to good SEO
  • Keeping info safe with strong website security
IndustryBusinesses Served
RetailABC Electronics, XYZ Fashion
HealthcareABC Hospital, XYZ Pharmaceutical
EducationABC University, XYZ School District

Many businesses, from big retailers to well-known hospitals, have seen the benefits of ScienceSoft’s work. Look at ABC Electronics and ABC Hospital to see how their website expertise has made a real difference online.

Ecommerce Solution Development

In today’s world, it’s vital for all businesses to shine online. ScienceSoft has 21 years of experience creating ecommerce solutions. We excel in building scalable designs that boost business and delight customers.

Modern business thrives on automation, and we get that at ScienceSoft. Our ecommerce tools cut down on manual work, making your business run smoother. This lets you focus on the big stuff that grows your sales.

Our microservices make your online shop strong and adaptable. They let us quickly adjust to any market changes. This system ensures your store runs well no matter how many customers visit.

Connecting your ecommerce to your other business tools is crucial. ScienceSoft’s experts can link your store with all your needed apps. You get a clear view of your business and make shopping easier for your customers.

Creating a great user experience is at the heart of what we do. We make sure your online store is easy to use and looks great. Our designs do more than look pretty – they sell your products.

See our full range of services in the table below:

Key FeaturesDescription
Customizable DesignCreate a unique and visually appealing online store that represents your brand.
Secure Payment GatewaysIntegrate popular payment gateways to provide customers with a seamless and secure payment process.
Mobile OptimizationEnsure your ecommerce platform is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, capturing the growing market of mobile shoppers.
Product Catalog ManagementEasily manage your product inventory, categories, and attributes.
Order and Inventory ManagementAutomate order processing and inventory management to optimize efficiency.
Marketing and PromotionsImplement marketing strategies, personalized recommendations, and promotions to drive customer engagement and loyalty.
Analytics and ReportingGain valuable insights into customer behavior, sales performance, and marketing effectiveness through robust analytics and reporting tools.

Whether you’re just starting or aiming to upgrade, we’ve got you covered. ScienceSoft’s team is excited to work with you and make your online dreams a reality. Let’s achieve online success together.

Web App Development

ScienceSoft is a leader in web app development. We have over 1,900 web apps in our portfolio. These apps help businesses manage their work better. Our team uses automation to make processes smoother, boosting productivity and efficiency.

Our aim is to make tailored web apps that meet our clients’ needs perfectly. These apps make work easier by cutting down on repetitive tasks. They also work well with other apps a business might already use. This technology helps organizations work at their best.

We help businesses by:

  • Automating key processes for better efficiency
  • Making workflow management simpler
  • Improving teamwork and communication
  • Enhancing how data is handled and accessed
  • Getting real-time insights for smarter decisions

Our developers are skilled in the latest tech and tools. They create web apps that are powerful, grow with your business, and are easy to use. We always follow the top standards to make sure our solutions help your business succeed.

Workflow Streamlining with Web Apps

A big plus of web app development is making work smoother and automating tasks. By designing customized web apps, we help companies work more efficiently. This reduces manual work and cuts down on delays.

Our web apps use smart automation for managing workflows. This makes different teams and departments work together better. Work gets done faster with fewer mistakes, increasing efficiency.

Enhancing Business Productivity

Our services boost business productivity and efficiency. We automate routine tasks and create easy-to-use web apps. This lets employees focus on important work, helping the business grow.

Our web apps also integrate smoothly with existing systems. This ensures all operations run smoothly together, without any gaps. It improves teamwork, organizes data better, and gives a clear overview of the business’s work.

Pick ScienceSoft for all your web app needs. See how our automation and workflow improvements can take your business to the next level

The ScienceSoft Difference

We at ScienceSoft see project management as key to success and making clients happy. Every project we do is planned well. This means it’s on time, on budget, and meets what our clients want. Our project managers are skilled and use the best ways to lead projects from start to finish.

We’ve impressed over 130 clients with our web development work. They love how we manage projects effectively. It lets us deal with any changes or challenges without a hitch.

Our project management approach involves:

  • Thorough project planning and scope definition
  • Effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders
  • Rigorous risk assessment and mitigation strategies
  • Continuous monitoring and tracking of project progress
  • Proactive identification and resolution of issues
  • Regular reporting and updates to keep clients informed

By following these practices, we ensure that our projects are delivered successfully, meeting the highest quality standards and exceeding client expectations.

Key Factors for Project SuccessScienceSoft Approach
Efficient resource allocationDedicated project teams with the right skills and expertise
Effective risk managementThorough identification, assessment, and mitigation strategies
Clear and consistent communicationRegular updates, transparent reporting, and proactive collaboration
Adaptability to changing requirementsFlexible development processes and agile methodologies
Timely project deliveryStrict adherence to project timelines and milestones

At ScienceSoft, we focus on being the best in project management. Our dedication ensures every project is done well and makes our clients happy. This has made our clients trust us for great results every time.

Average Cost of Web Solutions

Developing a custom website or a web portal can vary in cost. The price depends on its features and size. At ScienceSoft, we make sure to understand your needs and offer customized solutions.

A custom corporate website with the basics can cost between $20,000 to $50,000. This includes a great design, easy-to-use features, and the ability to manage content.

For a self-service portal, the price may be from $30,000 to $70,000. This portal lets customers handle their accounts and orders. The cost changes based on the size and features.

Ecommerce solutions for online selling range from $50,000 to $100,000. This includes a product catalog, a shopping cart, and secure payments. It’s a must-have for online sales.

For large businesses needing complex software, prices might reach up to $400,000. This includes detailed planning, custom work, and ongoing support. It’s designed to manage big operations.

Remember, these are average costs. The price can change based on what you need, the tech used, and extra features. For a precise quote, talk to us at ScienceSoft.

Cost Breakdown of Web Solutions

Web SolutionAverage Cost Range
Custom Branded Corporate Website$20,000 – $50,000
Self-Service Customer Web Portal$30,000 – $70,000
Ecommerce Solution$50,000 – $100,000
Complex Enterprise Web Software$100,000 – $400,000

Web solution costs change with the project’s size and needs. To get a quality website or portal within your budget, working with an expert like ScienceSoft is key.

Professional Website Development Services
Professional Website Development Services

Full-Scale Web Development

ScienceSoft offers full web development services. We provide highly skilled professionals to meet all your needs.

  • Business Analysis: Our team of 40+ business analysts deeply understand your needs. They then ensure the final product drives your business forward.
  • UX and UI Design: We have 20+ designers making interfaces visually appealing and easy to use. Our designs also mirror your brand.
  • Architecture: Our team works with you to define the structure. They ensure a strong and flexible system to support your work.
  • Front-end Development: 40+ developers turn the design into a working site. They make sure it’s smooth and enjoyable to use.
  • Back-end Development: 200+ developers build the secure and scalable back end. They bring your site to life with business logic and APIs.
  • API Integration: We excel at uniting different APIs. This makes for smooth data sharing and integration.
  • Testing and QA: Our team ensures your site is tested thoroughly. We follow the best practices for quality software.
  • Help Desk: We support your site ongoing. Our team is ready to help with any issue you might face.
  • Continuous Support: We know your needs will evolve. We offer ongoing support to keep your site secure and up to date.

Choose ScienceSoft for Your Full-Scale Web Development Needs

We are dedicated to providing you with top-notch services for your web development. With our skilled professionals and proven success, we are ready to turn your ideas into reality. Contact us today to get started!

ScienceSoft’s Recognition and Awards

ScienceSoft has earned a lot of recognition and awards for its excellent work in web development. They are known for ensuring that projects succeed and can handle different challenges well.

Financial Times Ranking

They’ve marked high growth and a great reputation, leading to a place on the Financial Times’ list of fast-growing US companies. This recognition proves they can keep delivering top-notch web solutions. Being on the list for three years in a row shows their strong presence in the industry.

ScienceSoft keeps up its good rating by focusing on innovation, quality, and keeping clients happy in all their projects.

By focusing on project success and quality web solutions, ScienceSoft has won many awards. Their growth and being on the Financial Times’ list several times show their skills and client dedication.

Sayenko Design’s Web Development Services

Sayenko Design focuses on building great online experiences for its clients. They work with teams of experts in consulting, design, and development. These teams aim to understand each client’s goals and needs, making sure they get a unique solution.

The company is all about quality and cutting-edge ideas. They use the newest tech and best methods in web development. Their projects go through a detailed process from design to testing. This is to make sure everything works perfectly.

Besides web development, Sayenko Design supports clients in many ways online. They help with getting more visitors and leads through digital marketing. They can also update websites smoothly to new platforms. Plus, they link up different systems for a complete online solution.

After a website is up and running, Sayenko Design keeps it going strong. They offer round-the-clock support and maintenance. This lets clients focus on their main work, knowing their website is well taken care of.

Sayenko Design’s approach has won them great respect. Their satisfied clients and successful projects show their skill and commitment to top-notch service.

Key Features of Sayenko Design’s Web Development Services:

  • Customized web development solutions tailored to clients’ unique needs
  • Expertise in web design, coding, testing, and deployment
  • Comprehensive digital marketing strategies to drive traffic and generate leads
  • Migrations and upgrades to seamlessly transition existing websites
  • Integration services to connect different systems and platforms
  • Managed services with 24×7 support and maintenance
  • A track record of successful projects and satisfied clients
Professional Website Development Services
Professional Website Development Services

Sayenko Design helps businesses shine online. With a custom approach and full service, clients can trust their online success is in good hands.

Professional Web Design Process

Sayenko Design uses a special web design method. It focuses on making designs that attract visitors and turn them into customers. They look at how information is organized, set goals for making sales, and make sure the trip through the website is interesting.

Analyzing Informational Architecture

The team at Sayenko starts by looking at a client’s current website setup. They check for ways to make it better for users to use. This means they can make a strong plan for how the website will look and work.

Mapping Out Conversion Goals

After checking the website’s setup, Sayenko Design and the client team up to set clear goals. These goals might be about getting people to sign up or buy something. They design the website so it helps reach these goals, making it work better for business.

Creating Engaging User Journeys

Designing the path a user takes on the website is key. Sayenko Design figures out who might use the site and plans out their visit. This shows them where things can be better. The result is a website that helps visitors easily do what the business wants, making them more likely to become customers.

Sayenko Design cares about making websites that stand out for the client. They match the website’s look and feel with the brand and goals. This way, the website not only attracts more visitors but also turns them into customers.

Benefits of Sayenko Design’s Web Design Process
Custom designs tailored to each client’s unique brand identity and messaging
User-centered approach focused on driving traffic, leads, and conversions
Thorough analysis of informational architecture to optimize website structure
Clear mapping of conversion goals to align design elements with desired actions
Creative journey mapping to create intuitive user experiences


Professional web design services are key for businesses wanting a strong online spot. Companies like ScienceSoft and Sayenko Design do great work in website development. They offer special solutions for each customer’s needs.

ScienceSoft is great at making web portals, e-commerce sites, and apps. They help businesses look better online and get more sales. Their goal is to make sites look good and work well for users.

Sayenko Design focuses on making websites that users will love. They also help businesses do better online with their marketing. This team helps businesses reach their goals and beat the competition.

Choosing companies like ScienceSoft and Sayenko Design helps businesses get better online. It makes their website more user-friendly and successful. It’s a smart way to get ahead with professional web design services.


What services does ScienceSoft offer in website development?

ScienceSoft focuses on making web portals, sites, ecommerce solutions, and apps. They create these for different people and industries.

How many years of experience does ScienceSoft have in ecommerce development?

They have worked in ecommerce for 21 years. Their custom solutions fit all business sizes well.

What is the average cost of web solutions?

For example, a corporate site could cost $20,000. A complex enterprise software might go up to $400,000.

What is the approach of ScienceSoft in project management?

ScienceSoft aims for real project management. They want to finish projects well, no matter the time, budget, or changing needs.

What are some examples of websites that ScienceSoft has created?

They crafted over 250 sites for companies, governments, and NGOs. These sites help in showing off their brands.

What are the advantages of ScienceSoft’s web portals?

Their portals pull data from company systems, keeping info fresh and helpful. These portals come with a simple page editor for managing content easily.

How does ScienceSoft approach ecommerce development?

They provide tailored ecommerce solutions. From small startups to big companies, they use new technologies to make business run better and smoother.

What are some benefits of ScienceSoft’s web apps?

Their web apps make work easier by combining business tools into one place. This boosts how well a business runs.

What does ScienceSoft’s full-scale web development services cover?

They work on every step of web development. This includes planning, design, building, and ongoing support for your site or app.

Has ScienceSoft received any recognition or awards?

Yes, ScienceSoft was among the fastest-growing US companies by Financial Times for three years.

What services does Sayenko Design offer in web development?

Sayenko Design provides a lot in web development. Their services focus on what the client and their customers need.

What is Sayenko Design’s web design process?

They start by understanding what the site needs to do for users. Then they set goals for what the site should achieve. Finally, they design a site that fits the client’s brand and story.