Transparency Policy

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At EON Agency, transparency is a fundamental pillar. We believe in the importance of building a relationship of trust with all who follow us, which is why we’ve created this section. Here, we are committed to sharing relevant information about our operations and principles.

  1. Origin of our approaches: All approaches and insights shared on our channel are developed by our specialized team or adapted from reliable sources. We always give due credit when using external references and provide links to the original sources.
  2. Images and illustrations: On some occasions, we may use images from stock photo libraries, always ensuring compliance with relevant licenses and copyrights.
  3. Foundation of approaches and alternatives: When presenting our perspectives and tips, we provide a solid foundation for each concept discussed. However, we recognize that each individual has specific needs in terms of personal development and success. Therefore, we encourage the adaptation of our insights according to such needs, emphasizing the importance of precautions related to allergies or restrictions.
  4. Comments and follower participation: We deeply value the comments and engagement of all who follow us. We are open to suggestions, questions, and feedback about our content. However, we reserve the right to moderate and remove any comments that are offensive, spam, or infringe our guidelines. We promote an environment of mutual respect and constructive exchange of ideas.
  5. Partnerships and disclosure: We would like to highlight that the content of our channel is produced independently, without the influence of sponsors or advertisers. However, we are open to partnership opportunities and the dissemination of relevant advertisements. Currently, we are exploring partnerships with Google AdSense, following their terms and conditions. However, this does not compromise the selection of our approaches or our opinions on the products presented. We always seek to recommend products that we believe are of quality and useful to our community.
    Our dedication is to provide a reliable, authentic, and accessible channel. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form AVAILABLE HERE.

Thank you for being part of the EON Agency community!

EON Agency Team